Tile, Trim, Screen Walls and Doors

We had quite a busy week last week, with all sorts of the finer details being handled on site. Now that the Level 5 drywall is complete, they are working on tile, interior and exterior trim.  Check out some photos below, and at the bottom, I have a little walkthrough video of the downstairs ‘foyer’ so you can see how it relates to the sidewalk and private garage.


Master Bath Tile - The Gray Package

Master Bath Tile – The Gray Package

Downstairs Shower - Gray Package

Downstairs Shower – The Gray Package

Below is a photo of the interior doors we selected – clean and simple right? Most of them have been installed since I took this photo!

Interior Doors

Interior Doors

And then finally, here is your tour of the downstairs ‘foyer’ – the private open-air space into which you enter the home at street level before you ascend the stairs to the official front door.