Taking Care of Your Living Roof

The majority of you have never experienced the pleasure of a living roof, so understandably are curious about how to take care of one. According to our roof designer, Living Roofs, Inc – it’s simple! They are meant to be low-maintenance, drought resistance, and only need occasional care.  Below are their instructions which each HARLESTON row buyer will receive.

GENERAL MAINTENANCE – Occasional weeding + removal of any debris that falls on the living roof (branches, leaves). Drain inspection.

IRRIGATION – The living roofs are installed with an irrigation system. Irrigation frequency should be kept to a minimum to prevent weed germination. The plants on the green roof are drought hardy and able to handle long periods without rain. Adjust the watering schedule according to the seasons. In case of rain, an irrigation cycle may be skipped. Check the irrigation system monthly to ensure there are no leaks + it is working properly.

SUMMER – Ensure irrigation system is operating properly + adjust schedule as needed.

FALL – Trim plants (dead head) as needed. Winterize irrigation system prior to first frost by removing all water from pipes using pressurized air + disconnect pipe from water supply. (Obviously in Charleston this happens in the Winter

WINTER – Dream of Spring.

SPRING – Re-connect irrigation system. Apply fertilizer (always use high quality granular slow release fertilizer to minimize nutrient runoff).

And that’s it!!

For more information on the plant species and design, visit the Living Roof page.

Bristle Leaf Sedge

Bristle Leaf Sedge