The Living Roof has been designed by a company with an extensive portfolio in roof design and landscaping, Living Roofs, Inc.

Why have a living roof?

 Reduce energy costs
 Reduce impermeable surface area
 Retain 65-100% of stormwater
 Prolong life of roof
 Improve air quality
 Reduce urban heat island effect
 Provide noise and sound insulation
 Provide environment for biodiversity
 Help make people happy & healthy

I’m so pleased these homes incorporate living roofs. Especially in a low-lying coastal city like ours, living roofs not only provide beautiful living spaces, but they make a meaningful impact on the environment by absorbing excess water.

Harleston Row Living Roof Design


Harleston Row Living Roof Design

Proposed Plant Species

Living Roof Rendering

Harleston Row Living Roof

Renderings, plans and specifications are for illustrative purposes only and are subject to change or modification without notice.